Pinterest adds AR shopping feature for home decor.

02 February 2022 @ 16:02pm | Dan Wilson

Social platform Pinterest has introduced a new shopping feature utilising augmented reality (AR) technology.

The new function will help shoppers more effectively visualise how the furniture they are browsing will look like in their homes. It’s called Try On for Home Decor and is powered by Lens.

Pinterest has said in an announcement: “As people come to the platform to shop early in their decision-making process, Try On helps them  evaluate and find what’s right for them. Try On for Home Decor is powered by Lens and follows the launches of Try On for lipstick and eyeshadow. The virtual home decor experience is launching live across more than 80,000 shoppable Pins while the beauty experience is currently available across 14,000 shoppable Pins. Pinners are 5x more likely to purchase from Try On-enabled Pins than standard Pins.”

According to Pinterest, mobile devices are already the preferred channel for 34% of shoppers worldwide. Since the pandemic, 40% of international consumers have shopped more on their mobile than before and 46% of shoppers say they would never go shopping without using their mobile. This figure rises to 50% of Gen Z and millennial consumers.

Here’s how it works. When browsing home decor products in the Pinterest app you have the option to choose “Try On enabled” Pins. You then choose to “Try in your space” to see the virtual product through your camera lens. Adjust and place the products in your home to better envision how they would look and browse further product information such as price. Shoppers can then purchase the products they like via Pinterest.

Pinterest is the fourth largest social media platform in the United States and enjoyed an audience of 444 million globally in Q3 2021 and is increasingly popular in Brazil, India and China. Developing the “shoppable pins” ecommerce function of the site is a company priority as they seek to further monetise online shopping.

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