Wish moves to “invite only” for new merchants.

03 February 2022 @ 17:17pm | Dan Wilson

Online marketplace Wish is moving to an “invite only” model for new merchants seeking to sell on the platform. The aim is to improve customer service and satisfaction for shoppers and also improve the quality of products on the platform.

New sellers who want to access the platform can request to be considered but will need to be reviewed and evaluated. Wish says it will take into consideration multiple aspects of new applicants including product category, current product availability, other marketplace relationships and past commercial history when accepting new merchants.

Mauricio Monico, Vice President of Product for Merchants and Logistics at Wish says of the change: “Our overall goal is to create a fun environment for users to shop for quality products online, and this starts at the moment of merchant sign-up. The addition of an ‘invite-only’ sign-up experience will go a long way as we focus on partnering with higher-quality merchants. It’s just one of many features we will be rolling out this year to improve the user experience on Wish.”

Wish already has over 100 million monthly active users and approximately 500 million registered users and more than 500,000 merchants sell on the Wish platform worldwide.

Established sellers don’t need to worry about the new requirements because they will only apply to new recruits. To apply to become a new merchant on Wish you can apply here or talk to Upmkt who can help you develop your online marketplaces presence.

There’s no doubt that this new seller registration procedure is a move to improve the reputation of the marketplace and improve customer satisfaction with the products bought on the site. They said in their statement: “The move is part of a broader push to improve user trust by prioritising and empowering merchants that provide a great service.”

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