Amazon fulfilment gets easier from March 2022.

01 February 2022 @ 16:24pm | Dan Wilson

Brexit changed the landscape for UK retailers shipping products to the European Union. But Amazon will now be making it much easier again with the reboot of the European Fulfilment Network service (EFN).

The European Fulfilment Network relaunch means the simplest way of selling to EU customers from the UK is once again available. To enrol into the EFN between the UK and the EU you’ll need to go to the Cross-Border Fulfilment Settings page in Seller Central.

The European Fulfilment Network allows FBA sellers with an EU account to store their inventory in local fulfilment centres and fulfil orders from other EU locations.

Amazon says it will expedite orders if you store inventory in both the UK and EU Amazon fulfilment networks (FBA) and if you use Pan-European FBA.

Domestic fulfilment fees and European Fulfilment Network fees will, obviously, still be payable where applicable.

According to Amazon, to sell between the UK and the EU using the European Fulfilment Network, you must have the following:

• Access to both UK and the EU Seller Central accounts
• FBA offers for your products in both the UK and the EU
• Inventory for eligible offers stored in local fulfilment centres.
• Shipping programmes and export settings enabled. For EU to UK fulfilment, all EU stores must be enabled for export (Germany, Italy, France, Spain).

If you have more than one EU account, each one must be managed separately and if you don’t wish to participate, to prevent all your eligible offers from being activated for the European Fulfilment Network relaunch you must opt out by 11:59pm on the 23rd of February 2022.

It’s great news that the might of Amazon’s fulfilment network will now be available to UK merchants across Europe once more. The roll out of the relaunched services will begin in March and continue through to May and beyond.

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